Safetech Fence, developed by Rail Safety Constructions (RSC), is the innovative patented product in the field of railway safety. This revolutionary safety barrier offers a high level of protection for railway workers and meets the strictest standards in the industry. Moreover, the Safetech Fence can be installed on virtually any type of rail.

Rail Safety Constructions (RSC)

Since 2011, Rail Safety Constructions (RSC) has been focusing on the European market with the Safetech Fence barrier. The product has a Dutch production certificate from railAlert, certified by Aboma Inspections. Additionally, the barrier is certified by DB Systemtechnik and has a “bahntechnische Freigabe” from DB Netze for use on their rail network in Germany.

Safetech Fence is the product to provide railway workers with the right physical protection when working on or near the track. The construction is innovative, user-friendly, and logistically efficient.

About Safetech Fence

At RSC, with the Safetech Fence, we aim to provide railway workers with a safe working environment they can rely on. Below, we have described what the Safetech Fence product consists of. The barrier is made up of two parts: stanchions made of steel and rails made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Information about Safetech Fence is also available on our Dutch and German website.

Hand rail scaled


The barriers are square and can be easily connected using a coupling element that can be slid into the open part of the box profile. As specified in standard DIN EN 16704-2-2, the barriers  must meet certain external characteristics.   These characteristics may vary from country to country. In most European countries, red and white barriers are used, with the color sequence changing per section. Additionally, it is possible to use individual barriers  with red/white warning markings.

Lever scaled

Clamping mechanism

The clamping  mechanism at the foot of the stanchion can be activated with a simple movement of a  lever. This ensures the entire stanchion is securely fixed to the foot of the rail. This attachment method has the advantage that the user does not come into direct contact with the ballast between and next to the sleepers, which is important due to the phenomenon of quartz dust (in relation to human health). Furthermore, the stanchion is simple in construction and vandal-proof.

Stanchion switch point scaled

Stanchion switch point

The stanchions consist of a fixed part that is attached to the foot of the rail and an adjustable part, allowing the barrier to be adjusted in steps of 10 centimeters. The settings depend on the applicable rules and standards (hazardous areas) in the respective country.

Extension scaled

The Advantages of Safetech Fence

The use of Safetech Fence offers numerous advantages for railway workers and projects. Our safety barrier is designed to create a safe working environment along the track. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents and increases the efficiency of work. Thanks to the advanced technology and materials from which Safetech Fence is made, railway workers can perform their tasks with confidence, knowing they are well protected.


In addition to the Safetech Fence, RSC has further specialized over the years in a wide range of accessories and workplace safety equipment.

Transport frames

To efficiently transport both the stanchions and rails of the Safetech Fence, transport frames have been developed for both components. These can be stacked because they are equipped with so-called pallet feet. The transport frames for stanchions holds 50 stanchions (150 linear meters), and the transport frame for barriers holds 200 barriers (300 linear meters).

Frame holders and rail trollies

Bevestiging ATWS Zöllner scaled


Bevestiging ATWS Schweizer scaled

Holder ATWS Zöllner


Rail trolley

We have also developed two frame holders that can be easily and securely attached to the barrier. These frames are specifically designed for ATWS equipment from Schweizer Electronic and Zöllner Signal. The equipment is used for work on or near railway tracks to warn well in advance of an approaching train through acoustic and visual signals.

For the transport of these transport frames, we have developed a special rail trolley that can be coupled together. This ensures even more efficiency.

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Stop sign
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Switch point clamp
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Temporary speed signs


Safetech Fence Demo (NL)
Safetech Fence Demo (UK)
Safetech Fence Demo (DE)

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