Pagina Advantages 1 scaled
  • Complies with European standard EN 16704 2-2 (certified by DB Systemtechnik)
  • One-sided mounting, no digging, health risk (quartz dust) for your staff reduced to a minimum
  • Locking with one simple movement
  • Fibreglass-reinforced square barriers cannot roll off the embankment and are easily connectible, no vulnerable parts
  • Can be used on high-speed tracks (Feste Fahrbahn)
  • Does not suffer from rail dampers, if correctly positioned
  • Transport racks are easily stackable, so less loading capacity is required
  • 50 stanchions fit on one transport rack (equals 150 linear metres)
  • 200 barriers fit on one transport rack (equals 300 linear metres)
  • Lorries developed for effective movement along the track, lorries can be linkable
  • Special stanchions for use in switch points available for building on the barrier
  • Stanchions can be raised modularly on the spot of superelevation
  • Screen-printed red and white version of barriers can be provided with your company name
  • Special version of barriers to create an escape option in case of emergency

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