Safetech Fence

Safetech Fence is the product for providing railway workers with the right physical protection when working on or near the track.
It is innovative, labour and environmental friendly and efficient in logistics.
The company Rail Safety Constructions (RSC) has focused on the Dutch and Belgian markets from 2011 with the product Safetech Fence.
Safetech Fence has a Dutch product certificate from RailAlert and is certified by Aboma Rail.
Nowadays our patented Safetech Fence complies with the (European) standard NEN-EN16704 2-2 which is certified by DB Systemtechnik in Munich.
Since 2018, founder E. van ’t IJssel and Ten Hove Advice & Support (THAS) have entered into a partnership whereby THAS has taken over the company RSC.
In addition to the Safetech Fence, over the years RSC has further focused on a wide range of accessories and workplace safety equipment.
With the aid of the trolleys that we developed, the material can be moved quickly along the track and then assembled quickly and easily.
Clever tools make it possible to continue building at switch points (turn outs) and to create escape options in the barriers in case of emergency.
Our Safetech Fence can be installed on almost any type of rail.

Hand rail scaled
Lever scaled
Stanchion switch point scaled
Stanchion switch point
Extension scaled


Rail trolley
Bevestiging ATWS Zöllner scaled
Bevestiging ATWS Schweizer scaled
Holder ATWS Zöllner


Stop sign scaled
Stop sign
Switch point clamp scaled
Switch point clamp
Temporary speed signs scaled
Temporary speed signs


Safetech Fence Demo (NL)
Safetech Fence Demo (UK)
Safetech Fence Demo (DE)

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